The significance of climate litigation for vulnerable groups in the Global South

VULNERABILITIES: Children, women, disabilities, Indigenous groups

For its second round, the Climate Litigation in the Global South project is adopting a vulnerability lens, drawing on the perspectives of those who are particularly vulnerable to climate change, including Indigenous peoples, women, people with disabilities, and children, and the significance of climate litigation for these groups. The theme of this round of the project is “The significance of climate litigation for vulnerable groups in the Global South”.

While our invitation to participate in the second round of the project was primarily aimed at contributors from the Global South engaged in research on the experiences and perspectives of these vulnerable groups in the Global South, we are also collaborating with some scholars from elsewhere whose main research focus is on Indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups.

Participants were invited to a closed workshop on 26-27 January 2023 to present abstracts, and later develop their abstracts into a chapter for inclusion in a peer-reviewed edited volume titled “Climate Litigation and Vulnerabilities: Global South Perspectives” co-edited by Maria Antonia Tigre, Melanie Murcott, and Susan Ann Samuel. An expert editorial team from around the globe is participating in the project to assist with reviewing and commenting on drafts.

The edited volume will be published in 2024 under contract with Routledge. The book proposal has been approved.