Climate Litigation in the Global South Project: Publications


The GNHRE Project on Climate Litigation in the Global South aims to amplify voices from the Global South, organizing workshops and public events and culminating in the publication of articles in dedicated special issues of leading accredited human rights journals, and the publication of chapters and analysis pieces in peer-reviewed edited volumes, as well as possible blog posts on the GNHRE’s website, and other less formal platforms. In the medium term, the project represents an excellent opportunity for Global South scholars to publish their research on climate litigation alongside other Global South scholars. In the longer term, the project hopes to foster cutting-edge international collaboration amongst a network of Global South scholars that focuses on climate change law and litigation and contribute to the ever-increasing corpus of climate change law. Details of publications will be shared here.

For the first round of our project, publications are forthcoming in a special collection of the Journal of Human Rights Practice, while some of them have already been published:

Natalia Urzola Gutiérrez, Gender in Climate Litigation in Latin America: Epistemic Justice Through a Feminist Lens, Journal of Human Rights Practice

Gastón Medici-Colombo and Thays Ricarte, The Escazú Agreement Contribution to Environmental Justice in Latin America: An Exploratory Empirical Inquiry through the Lens of Climate Litigation, Journal of Human Rights Practice

Danielle de Andrade Moreira, Ana Lucia B Nina, Carolina de Figueiredo Garrido, Maria Eduarda Segovia Barbosa Neves, Rights-Based Climate Litigation in Brazil: An Assessment of Constitutional Cases Before the Brazilian Supreme Court, Journal of Human Rights Practice

Yusra Suedi, Marie Fall, Climate Change Litigation before the African Human Rights System: Prospects and Pitfalls: Practice Note: GNHRE Climate Litigation in Global South Project, Journal of Human Rights Practice

Ademola Oluborode Jegede, Framing Climate Litigation in Individual Communications of the African Human Rights System: Claw-Backs and Substantive DivergencesJournal of Human Rights Practice /

Maria Antonia Tigre, The ‘Fair Share’ of Climate Mitigation: Can Litigation Increase National Ambition for Brazil?,  Journal of Human Rights Practice

Chamberlain, L., and Fourie, M. 2023. Using Climate Litigation to Strengthen Advocacy Strategies: The Life After Coal Campaign in South Africa. Journal of Human Rights Practice.