Smieszek, Magdalena

Dr. Magdalena Smieszek is a longtime practitioner, advocate, and researcher in human rights and refugee protection, having worked over twenty years around the world with humanitarian and development-focused organizations, including a decade with the United Nations. Upon completion of a Doctorate of Juridical Science (SJD) at the Central European University (CEU), and subsequent book publication of “The Evolving Psyche of Law in Europe”, she turned her focus to human rights and the environment, especially climate displacement. Magdalena also has a Masters in international human rights law from the University of Oxford, a JD from the University of Windsor, and a BA in international relations from the University of Calgary. She has lectured and led dialogues on interdisciplinary subjects of global politics, including teaching at CEU as well as at Al-Quds University / Bard College in East Jerusalem as a visiting professor. Among her various postings with the UN were UNHCR in Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, and Hungary with the regional office for Central Europe, UNDP in Ghana and IOM regional office for Central Europe as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the subject of human rights and the environment, she reflects in her research on climate migration, citizens’ assemblies, solidarity rights, and climate justice.