Gupta, Rashmi

Rashmi Gupta is an energy and environmental lawyer with a Master’s in energy & clean technology law, and environmental law from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on clean energy, climate change, and human rights laws. She has represented many stakeholders including governments and industries in environmental issues ranging from the Delhi Pollution case to Taj Mahal Trapezium Zone case. She has authored/co-authored research papers on residential electrification, carbon neutrality, and clean energy.

Rashmi has worked at a US-based law firm, pursued climate research at Center for Law, Energy & Environment, and California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. She also co-founded a non-profit in the Bay Area, Terrabliss that helped small businesses with sustainability solutions and provided access to targeted incentive programs.

Rashmi started her career with a Delhi based law firm, Hammurabi & Solomon Partners where she was involved in policy research and civil litigation with a primary focus on environmental issues. Rashmi is currently a Lecturer at Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, India.