Daly, Erin

ErinDaly2014id365px.ashxProfessor of Law and Interim Co-Dean at Widener University’s Delaware Campus, USA.

Erin has written extensively on comparative constitutional law and transitional justice issues throughout the world. She has recently published Dignity Rights: Courts, Constitutions, and the Worth of the Human Person (U. Penn 2012), with a Foreword by former President of the Israeli Supreme Court, Aharon Barak. This is the first book to explore the constitutional law of dignity around the world. In it, Erin shows how dignity has come not only to define specific interests like the right to humane treatment or to earn a living wage, but also to protect the basic rights of a person to control his or her own life and to live in society with others. She argues that, through the right to dignity, courts are redefining what it means to be human in the modern world. As a result, these cases force us to reexamine the relationship between the individual and the state and, in turn, contribute to a new and richer understanding of the role of the citizen in modern democracies.

Erin also previously published Reconciliation in Divided Societies: Finding Common Ground, (co-authored with South African scholar Jeremy Sarkin) in the University of Pennsylvania Press’s Human Rights Series in 2006; a paperback edition was published in 2010. The book has a foreword by South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu.

Erin has also written on comparative environmental law and is co-authoring a book on environmental constitutionalism with Widener Professor James R. May (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press).

Erin is currently at work on a project investigating transitional justice in Iraq and that country’s path toward democracy since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.