The Global Food System, Environmental Protection, and Human Rights (C Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez Keywords Human rights law, food security, food sovereignty, right to food, biodiversity, WTO, trade policy, international environmental law, IMF, World Bank, international law, climate change, biofuels, agricultural law, international trade law, political economy Abstract The global food system is exceeding ecological limits while failing to meet the nutritional needs of a […]

A Substantive Environmental Right: An Examination of the Legal… (S. Turner)

Author Stephen Turner Keywords Global awareness, environmental degradation, environmental obligations, environmental rights, human right, clean and healthy environment, Environmental Rights, National, International, State Actor, Companies, Multinational Enterprises, Multilateral Development Banks, WTO Abstract Acute global awareness of environmental degradation seems at last to have created a consensus that environmental obligations should be imposed on decision-makers, whether […]

Institutionalizing Inequality: The WTO Agreement on Agriculture, Food Security… (C.G. Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez (Seattle University, USA) Keywords International trade, WTO, food security, development law, human rights law, agricultural law, agricultural policy Abstract The article examines the food security implications of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture. It places the Agreement in historical context, examines its key provisions, and argues that the Agreement systematically favors industrialized […]

Norms, Institutions and Social Learning: An Explanation for Weak Policy Integration… (M. Gabler)

Author Melissa Gabler ( University of Guelph , Canada ) Keywords UNCED, sustainable development, environmental norms, policy, governance, WTO, trade, environment Abstract The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) recognized that sustainable development can only be actualized if environmental norms are integrated into other areas of policy across levels of governance. This article […]

Beyond Eco-Imperialism: An Environmental Justice Critique of Free Trade (C.G. Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez ( Seattle University , USA ) Keywords WTO, environmental justice, environmental law, international trade, development law Abstract The article contributes to the trade and environment literature by assessing the claim that industrialized country proposals to integrate environmental protection into the WTO trade regime constitute environmental imperialism – the imposition of industrialized […]