Environmental Justice, Human Rights, and the Global South (C. G. Gonzalez)

Author(s) Carmen G. Gonzalez Keywords human rights, right to a healthy environment, environmental justice, Third World Approaches to International Law, TWAIL, North-South divide, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, colonialism, development, transnational corporations, Maastricht principles, extraterritoriality Abstract From the Ogoni people devastated by oil drilling in Nigeria to the Inuit and other indigenous populations threatened by […]

To claim our rights: Livelihood Security, Human Rights and Sustainable Development (C. MOSER AND A. NORTON)

Authors Caroline Moser and Andy Norton Keywords human rights, policy, sustainability, poverty reduction, sustainable development, livelihood security, World Bank Abstract The objective of this paper is to explore the potential contribution of a human rights perspective to the development of policies and programmes that strengthen the sustainability of poor people’s assets and livelihood security. To […]

Privatisation of Water: A Historical Perspective (N. Prasad)

Author Naren Prasad Keywords International organisations, MDG, privatisation, United Nations, water history, World Bank Abstract Currently, over one billion people worldwide do not have access to drinking water, especially in the developing countries. Since access to water supply became one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), greater attention has been given to this sector. Increasing […]

The Global Food System, Environmental Protection, and Human Rights (C Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez Keywords Human rights law, food security, food sovereignty, right to food, biodiversity, WTO, trade policy, international environmental law, IMF, World Bank, international law, climate change, biofuels, agricultural law, international trade law, political economy Abstract The global food system is exceeding ecological limits while failing to meet the nutritional needs of a […]

Rocks and Hard Places: The Globalization of Mining (R. Moody)

Author Roger Moody Keywords World Bank, miners, resources Abstract The world of international mining is changing rapidly. Mining corporations are encroaching on more and more greenfield sites in Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America, to serve ever-expanding global industries. Moody shows that large-scale mining imposes a heavy toll on local communities, on their fragile economies […]