Author Christopher Miller Keywords environmental rights, ecocentric, human rights,  law, litigation, wildlife Abstract Environmental Rights offers new perspectives on contemporary debates over rights and environmental issues, criticising the traditional ecocentric formulation and the view that it is meaningful to speak of environmental rights as a sub-set of human rights, infringed when individuals experience an environmental […]

Wildlife reforms in Scotland (C.T. Reid)

Author Colin T. Reid Keywords Animals, Agriculture, Environment, Badgers, Deer, Game, Heather and grass burning, Non-native species, Scotland, Sites of special scientific interest, Wildlife Abstract Reflects on the main reforms proposed by the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Bill 2010, including those concerning the game laws, snaring, non-native species, deer, badgers, sites of special scientific […]

Wild law spreads like wildfire: Australia’s first conference on wild law (L. Rivers)

Author Liz Rivers Keywords Environment, Australia, Conferences, Environmental law, Environmental protection, Wildlife Abstract Reports on Australia’s first conference on wild law held in October, 2009, listing the range of topics discussed including rights for nature, Aboriginal perspectives on Earth Jurisprudence and alternative dispute resolution. Details the views of participants after the conference and outlines plans […]

Managing the carnivore comeback: international and EU species protection law and the return of lynx, wolf and bear to Western Europe (A. Trouwborst)

Author Arie Trouwborst Keywords Conservation, EU law, Endangered species, Habitats, Western Europe, Wildlife Abstract Examines the legal questions posed by the return of lynx, wolves and brown bears to Western Europe regarding their conservation and the challenges they pose to livestock, hunting and public safety. Assesses the legal framework governing large carnivore conservation, notably the […]

Overcoming Obstacles to the Effective Implementation of International Environmental… (M.J. Kelly)

Author Michael J. Kelly Keywords Environmental agreement, treaty, wildlife, CITES, biodiversity, Rio Conference, tropical timber, environmental protection, Montreal Protocol, Basel Convention Abstract Since the 1970’s, there has been an explosion of environmental treaties geared toward protecting the global commons and regulating international environmental issues. However, the obstacles to effectively implementing these treaties reduces many of […]