Wild law: sustainable development and beyond? (B. Pontin – editorial)

Author Ben Pontin (editorial) Keywords Wild law; legal theory; Earth jurisprudence; governance; sustainable development; climate change. Abstract This is an editorial in ELM that introduces an issue that is dedicated to Cormac Cullinan’s legal theory that was put forward in ‘Wild law: a manifesto for Earth justice’. The theory is centred upon ‘Earth jurisprudence’; a […]

How wild did it get? (B. Filgueira)

Author Begonia Filgueira Keywords Wild law; environmental jurisprudence and law; governance of environmental law; global warming; climate change; anthropocentrism; the ‘Great Jurisprudence’; ‘Earth Jurisprudence’; legal philosopy; nature conservation legislation. Abstract This paper was the speech that linked the speeches of Warren and Lee at the UKELA conference ‘Wild Law’ that was based on Cormac Cullinan’s […]

Sowing Wild Law (C. Cullinan).

Author Cormac Cullinan Keywords ‘Earth jurisprudence, wild law, compatibility with economic prosperity, reformation of human governance systems. Abstract This article explains briefly what is meant by the terms ‘Earth jurisprudence’ and ‘wild law’. Its focus is addressing two questions that were possed by Michael Meacher MP in his capacity as chairperson of the first UKELA […]

Wild law: . . . Evidence of Principles of Earth Jurisprudence in Existing Law and Legal Practice?’ (I. Mason and B. Filgueira)

Author(s) Ian Mason and Begonia Filgueira Keywords Wild law,human rights, clean environment, Earth Jurisprudence and governance, economy versus the environment, compatibility with economic prosperity Abstract This Research Paper reports on research undertaken under the auspices of UKELA and the Gaia Foundation to look at existing environmental laws from various countries and assess them in terms […]

Wild Law: The philosophy of Earth Jurispudence (P.D. Burdon)

Author Peter D. Burdon Keywords Wild Law, Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature, Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy Abstract Wild law or Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law and governance that seeks to evolve law in a fashion that recognises our relationship to the broader Earth community. In this article, the author introduces and articulates some […]