Taking aims seriously – how legal ecology affects judicial decision-making (Pallonitty)

Author Tiina Pallonitty Keywords Methodology of environmental law, judicial decision-making, water management, legal theory, principles, rights, rules Abstract This article reflects upon key challenges that ecology as a field of science has brought to modern environmental law as it operates within civil law systems. An example from European water management regulation elucidates how the traditional […]

Iraq: Water, Water Nowhere (M. Chulov)

Author Martin Chulov Keywords Drought, Iraq , dry river beds, salt flats, water, dams, river diversion, war, water management, migration Abstract The Guardian’s Baghdad correspondent, Martin Chulov, brings to life Iraq’s latest plague: drought. In southern Iraq, once the lavishly, fabled Garden of Eden, Chulov walks the dry river beds and salt flats that were […]

Treating water as an economic good (S. Yuling & H. Lein)

Author(s) Shen Yuling (Xinjian Institute of Ecology and Geography, China) Haakon Lein ( Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) Keywords China , irrigation agriculture, water fee, water management, Xinjiang Abstract Since the 1990s, the idea that water should be treated as an economic good has become a widely acclaimed but also disputed principle. In […]

A Modern Approach to Water Management: The UNECE Protocol on Water and Health (F. Bernardini)

Author Francesca Bernardini Keywords Environmental law, health, MEA, MDG, sustainable development, UNECE Protocol, water, water ecosystem, water management, WHO. Abstract The Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes entered into force in August 2005. It is jointly serviced by the Regional Office for […]

Water and Ethics: Water and Ecology (M. Acreman)

Author Mike Acreman Keywords Ecology, Water, Link, Water management, freshwater Abstract This essay deals with some important linkages between ecology and water. It describes in outline the functioning of freshwater ecosystems and the resulting benefits of combining water management and ecological management. Citation Acreman, M., ‘Water and Ethics: Water and Ecology’ UNESCO International Hydrological Programme […]