Environmental Rights and International Peace: Protections of Biological and Cultural Diversity: Emerging Recognition of Local Community Rights in Ecosystems Under International Environmental Law (L. P. Breckenridge)

Author(s) Lee. P. Breckenridge Keywords United Nations, UN, environmental protection, development, international policies, biological diversity, ecosystems, international peace, cultural diversity, local communities, community rights Abstract INTRODUCTIONThe United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 forged a new consensus on international environmental policies to protect the world’s biological […]

Road to 2015: The European Union and the Realisation of the Human Right to Water (V. Deloge)

Author Vivien Deloge Keywords Human right, drinking water, sanitation, UN, EU, rights-based approach, EU institutional endorsement Abstract Following the recognition of the human right to drinking water and sanitation by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and Human Rights Council in 2010, one can wonder to what extent the normative content of the right to […]

Exhuming a UN for ‘We the Peoples’ (T Jenkins)

Author Tony Jenkins Keywords UN, human rights, health, environmental sustainability Abstract Over the past several months I have sat nervously in fear, busily biting my lip, listening to my colleagues one by one declare the death of the United Nations. Their fears, and mine alike, were triggered by the unilateral U.S. declaration of war on […]

The UN Human Rights System and the Protection of the Environment (D.K. Anton)

Author Donald K. Anton (Australian National University (ANU) – College of Law) Keywords Human Rights, Environment, United Nations Abstract The following is a draft chapter in a forthcoming text on Human Rights and the Environment by Anton and Shelton, to be published by Cambridge Univ. Press in 2009. The chapter walks students through possible avenues […]

The Human Right to a Viable Environment (S.T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh)

Author Sangini T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh Keywords ECHR, environmental issues, Strasbourg system for protection of human rights, case law, human rights systems, UN, international law Abstract Human rights tribunals are regularly confronted with complaints regarding human rights violations caused by environmental degradation. This book deals with the effectiveness of incorporating environmental dimensions into existing human rights and […]