Transnational Corporations and Human Rights Violations in Indonesia (I. Prihandono)

Author Iman Prihandono Keywords foreign direct investment, accountability mechanism, transnational corporations, Indonesia Abstract A number of empirical studies have shown that foreign direct investment has benefited the Indonesian economy, accelerating Indonesia’s export of goods, creating more jobs, increasing productivity and facilitating technology spillover. At the same time, it has also negatively affected the environment, the […]

Note, The Nigerian Tragedy, Environmental Regulation of Transnational Corporations, and the Human Right to a Healthy Environment (J. P. Eaton)

Title Joshua P. Eaton Keywords Nigeria, transnational corporations, environmental regulation, human right to a healthy environment Abstract “I. Introduction The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented expansion in the number of corporations operating beyond their national borders. By 1990, nearly 37,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) existed in the world. This figure continues […]

The New Accountability: Environmental Responsibility Across Borders (M. Mason)

Author(s) Michael Mason Keywords population, accountability, environmental protection, health, ecological sustainability, borders, international agreements, national territories, state responsibility, pollution, transnational corporations Abstract The growth of pollution that crosses national borders represents a significant threat to human health and ecological sustainability. Various international agreements exist between countries to reduce risks to their populations, however there is […]

Multilevel Governance of Global Environmental Change (G. Winter)

Editor Gerd Winter (Universität Bremen) Keywords Earth System Analysis, global climate change, global environmental change, global environmental governance, green civil society, self-regulation, industry, law, private authority, global governance, transnational corporations, international environmental law, transboundary corporate responsibility, USA, transnational bureaucracy networks, EU, post-Communist states, multilateral environmental agreements, compliance continuum, regulatory competition, developing countries, policy instrument innovation, […]