Works in progress: new technologies & the ECHR (T. Murphy & G.O. Cuinn)

Author(s) Therese Murphy and Gearoid O. Cuinn Keywords Biotechnology; Human rights; Information technology Abstract A field–new technologies and human rights or, more broadly, law and technology–is in the process of being framed. Should the European Court of Human Rights be seen as part of that process? To find out, we searched the Court’s case law […]

Environmental Ethics: The Big Questions (D.R. Kelly)

Editor David R. Kelly (Utah Valley University) Keywords Environmental ethics, anthropocentrism, nonanthropocentrism, moral considerability, ecology, moral extensionism, nature, culture, subjectivity, technology, ecological science, environmental public policy Abstract Contextualises environmental ethics within the history of the Western intellectual tradition by exploring anthropocentric (human-centered) and non-anthropocentric precedents. Offers an interdisciplinary approach to the field by featuring seminal work […]