Ecological responsibilities: which trees? Where? Why? (L. Code)

Author Lorraine Code Keywords Ecological thinking, epistemic location, epistemology, Haraway, situatedness, Vandana Shiva, subjectivity, trees Abstract The author offers a provocative engagement with the implicit epistemological framework of Stone’s famous question ‘should trees have standing?’, arguing for an epistemological remapping of the issues invoked by and implicit in it. Specifically, the author argues that the […]

Groundwater governmentality: hegemony and technologies of resistance (T. Birkenholtz)

Author Trevor Birkenholtz Keywords India , environmentality, subjectivity, decentralization, water conflict, irrigation Abstract Globally, decentralisation has become the dominant paradigm for environmental governance. This paper explores the linkages between green governmentality approaches to subjectivity and Gramscian notions of hegemony to examine recent efforts in Rajasthan, India to decentralise groundwater governance through targeted formal regulations and […]

Environmental Ethics: The Big Questions (D.R. Kelly)

Editor David R. Kelly (Utah Valley University) Keywords Environmental ethics, anthropocentrism, nonanthropocentrism, moral considerability, ecology, moral extensionism, nature, culture, subjectivity, technology, ecological science, environmental public policy Abstract Contextualises environmental ethics within the history of the Western intellectual tradition by exploring anthropocentric (human-centered) and non-anthropocentric precedents. Offers an interdisciplinary approach to the field by featuring seminal work […]