Rights with limits: biocultural rights – between self-determination and conservation of the environment (Sajeva)

Author Guilia Sajeva Keywords Biocultural rights, conservation of the environment, indigenous peoples, local communities, stewardship Abstract Kabir Bavikatte has recently argued that a new ‘basket’ of group rights is emerging from the interpretation of multilateral environmental agreements, domestic law and case law, and from shifts in the development discourse and the struggles of communities. He […]

Community stewardship: the foundation of biocultural rights (Bavikatte and Bennett)

Author(s) Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte and Tom Bennett Keywords Biocultural rights, stewardship, property, environment, law, nature, indigenous people, customary law, commodity, post-development, political ecology, commons, Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, traditional resource rights Abstract The term ‘biocultural rights’ denotes a community’s long established right, in accordance with its customary laws, to steward its lands, waters […]

Water Privatization Trends in the United States: Human Rights, National Security, and Public Stewardship (C.A. Arnold)

Author Craig Anthony Arnold Keywords Water, privatization, property, commodification, watersheds, human rights, national security, public rights, stewardship, fiduciary, public utilities, sustainability, environment, ecology, equity, public trust, state ownership, usufructuary, conservation Abstract This article examines 3 aspects of water privatization in the United States: 1) the privatization of public water services and systems; 2) the dominance […]

The Concept of the Common Heritage of Mankind in International Law (K. Baslar)

Author Kemal Baslar Keywords Conceptual Foundations, Concept of the Common Heritage of Mankind, Philosophical Bases, Elements, Stewardship, Sovereignty, Mankind, International Law, Outer Space, Law of the Sea, Antarctica, International Environmental Law, International Human Rights Law, Legal Status Abstract The concept of the common heritage of mankind is one of the most extraordinary developments in recent […]

Should trees have standing? (M. Warnock)

Author Mary Warnock Keywords Conflicts of interests, ethics, interests, romanticism, sentience, speciesism, standing, stewardship, wilderness Abstract The author argues that relevant distinctions between humans, animals and plants should be taken into account when considering the extension of standing to elements of the environment. She argues that the question of standing should not be confused with […]