Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies (eds. R. S. Abate and E. A. Kronk)

Editors Randall S. Abate and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Keywords environment, climate change, environmental law, law – academic, environmental law, human rights, law and development, politics and public policy, human rights, Asia, Kenya, Arctic, South America, Pacific Island Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, indigenous rights, sovereignty, climate justice, adaptation, equality, water rights, Aboriginal communities Abstract Indigenous […]

Culture, property, and peoplehood: a comment on Carpenter, Katyal, and Riley’s “In defense of property” (M.F.Brown)

Author Michael F. Brown Keywords Arts and culture, Cultural property, Heritage property, Indigenous peoples, South America Abstract Comments on the article, “In defense of property”, by Kristen A. Carpenter, Sonia K. Katyal and Angela R. Riley (Yale Law Journal 118 (2009), 1022-1125), which reviews current thinking on the protection of indigenous heritage, particularly that of American Indians. Citation (2010) […]

Beyond the Carbon Economy: Energy Law in Transition (D. Zillman, et al)

Editor(s) Don Zillman, Catherine Redgwell, Yinka Omorogbe, and Lila K. Barrera-Hernández Keywords Health, Environment, Sustainable Development, TAANSAAFL Problem, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Lower-Carbon Future, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Storage, Biofuels, Public International Law, South America, Clean Energy, Africa, Heavy Duty Transition Fuels, EU Law and Policy, Wind, Nuclear Power, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, […]