Dangerous Intersections: Feminism, Population and Environment (J. Silliman & Y. King)

Editor(s) Jael Silliman and Ynestra King Keywords Population explosion, environmental degradation, economic development Abstract Dangerous Intersections provides a multicultural and international perspective on three major global problems: environmental degradation, economic development and the population ‘explosion‘. It presents crucial alternative voices and approaches to the short-sighted policies supported by the mainstream and NGOs alike – policies […]

Teaching and learning guide for: environmental justice (J. Sze, J. London)

Author Julie Sze and Jonathan London Keywords Environmental justice; environmental racism; urban; planning; public health; law; ethnic studies; public policy; social movements; environmental and social inequalities. Abstract Over the last 25 years, the environmental justice movement has emerged from its earliest focus on US social movements combating environmental racism to an influential global phenomenon. Environmental […]

Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability and Peace (V. Shiva)

Author Vandana Shiva Keywords Earth Democracy, Living Economies, Living Democracies, Living Cultures Abstract A leading voice in struggles for global justice, Vandana Shiva is a world renowned environmental activist and physicist. With Earth Democracy, her most extensive treatment of the struggles she helped bring to international attention – genetic food engineering, cultural theft, and natural […]

Do human rights help or hinder environmental protection? (C. Gearty)

Author Conor Gearty (LSE, UK) Keywords human rights, environmental protection, social movements, civil and political rights, economic and social rights Abstract It is acknowledged that traditional approaches to human rights can have and have had a negative impact in the field of environmental protection. But the emphasis in human rights on controlling the abuse of […]

Environment and Citizenship (M.J. Smith and P. Pangsapa)

Author(s) Mark J. Smith and Piya Pangsapa Keywords Environmental and ecological citizenship, environmental justice, risks, environmental movements Abstract This timely book outlines the debates on environmental and ecological citizenship that have emerged out of the concern with environmental justice since the 1990s. The book demonstrates how awareness of environmental hazards, injustices and new forms of risk […]