A Taxonomy of Environmental Justice (Kuehn)

Author Robert R Kuehn Keywords Environmental justice, environmental law, distributive justice, social justice Abstract Environmental justice disputes arise at the international, national and local levels. Disputes at the international level include allegations that multi-national corporations are exploiting indigenous peoples and the impoverished conditions of developing nations. At the national level, although an overwhelming number of […]

Environmental Justice and the Rights of Unborn and Future Generations: Law, Environmental Harm and the Right to Health (L. Westra)

Author Laura Westra, President of the Global Ecological Integrity Group (GEIG) Keywords social justice, rights of future generations, environmental justice, law, environmental harm, health, right to health, human rights Abstract The traditional concept of social justice is increasingly being challenged by the notion of a human-kind which spans current and future generations. This book is […]

Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee and Sustainability (D. Jaffee)

Author Daniel Jaffee Keywords Fair trade, social justice, small farmers, coffee farmers, social benefits, environmental benefits, economic benefits, international fair trade market, indigenous communities Abstract Fair trade is a fast-growing alternative market intended to bring better prices and greater social justice to small farmers around the world. But is it working? This vivid study of […]

Global Governance of Food Production and Consumption (P. Oosterveer)

Author Peter Oosterveer (Wageningen University , The Netherlands ) Keywords Food, global, global food governance, regulation, consumer demand, environment, animal welfare, social justice, civil society Abstract The provision of food is undergoing radical transformations throughout the global community. Peter Oosterveer argues that, as a consequence, conventional national governmental regulations can no longer adequately respond to […]

Creative regulation: how wild law can rehabilitate governance and regulation (E. Rivers)

Author Elizabeth Rivers Keywords Regulation; governance; wild law; ‘Great Jurisprudence’; sustainability; social justice. Abstract This article highlights that it is important to consider the law’s potential contribution to achieving sustainability rather than focusing on the traditional method of campaigning solely for changes in economic activities and human behaviour and attitudes. Rivers suggests ‘rethinking our jurisprudence’ […]