Energy and the Transformation of International Relations (A. Wenger, et al)

Editor(s) Andreas Wenger, Robert W. Orttung and Jeronim Perovic Keywords Energy, changing markets, energy use patterns, energy security, oil supplies, Middle East, Russia, Latin America, Africa, United States, Europe, China, India, Cooperative Framework Abstract Comprehensive overview of global energy producers and consumers, with a chapter on each major producer and consumer. Shows how energy affects […]

Beyond the Carbon Economy: Energy Law in Transition (D. Zillman, et al)

Editor(s) Don Zillman, Catherine Redgwell, Yinka Omorogbe, and Lila K. Barrera-Hernández Keywords Health, Environment, Sustainable Development, TAANSAAFL Problem, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Lower-Carbon Future, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Storage, Biofuels, Public International Law, South America, Clean Energy, Africa, Heavy Duty Transition Fuels, EU Law and Policy, Wind, Nuclear Power, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, […]