Biosecurity Reconsidered: Calibrating Biological Threats and Responses (G.D. Koblentz)

Author Gregory D. Koblentz Keywords Security, biological threats, biosecurity, risks, research, prevent, response Abstract Advances in science and technology, the rise of globalization, the emergence of new diseases, and the changing nature of conflict have increased the risks posed by naturally occurring and man-made biological threats. A growing acceptance of a broader definition of security […]

Evaluating the source of the risks associated with natural events (C. Murphy & P. Gardoni)

Author(s) Colleen Murphy and Paolo Gardoni Keywords Disasters; Environmental risk; Morals and law; Risk assessment; Environment; Jurisprudence Abstract Discusses why the risks associated with natural disasters should be subjected to further philosophical enquiry. Presents a framework for the moral evaluation of the source of these risks and the actions that sustain or impact upon these […]

Environmental Risk: The Responsibilities of the Law and Science (Lord Woolf)

Author Lord Woolf (lecture) Keywords Environmental law, Environmental Law Foundation, GMO’s, science and technology, the human environment, Human Rights Act, an environmental court, public trust, the precautionary principle, freedom of information. Abstract This lecture was given at the ‘Environmental Law Foundation Professor David Hall Lecture’ at the Brunei Gallery, University of London (24th May 2001). […]

Forests, climate change and human rights: managing risks and trade-offs (F. Seymour)

Author Frances Seymour Keywords Tropical deforestation, international agenda, human rights, climate change, forest governance, mitigation of forest-based emissions, procedural rights, Aarhus Convention, justice and equity, risks, trade-offs Abstract Following the decline over the years of interest relating to tropical deforestation, that was highlighted at the Rio Conference in 1992 (UNCEC), in recent years it has […]