Human Rights and Global Climate Change (S. Caney)

Author(s) Simon Caney Keywords human rights, fossil fuels, injustice, cosmopolitanism,  climate change, risk, uncertainty, protection, morality, time, temporal Abstract Is it possible and desirable to translate the basic principles underlying cosmopolitanism as a moral standard into effective global institutions. Will the ideals of inclusiveness and equal moral concern for all survive the marriage between cosmopolitanism […]

A film about the Dash for Gas 2014

Environmental migration & cities in the context of global environmental change (S.B. Adamo)

Author Susana B. Adamo Keywords Environment, environmental migration, cities, migration inflows, GEC impacts, risk, secondary migration, displacement Abstract There is a renewed interest in environmental migration and displacement that is fueled by concerns about the impacts of global environmental change on human populations. Regardless on-going debates about magnitudes and definitions, recent research on the topic […]

Anchoring Homes, UN-HABITAT’s People’s Process in Aceh & Nias after the Tsunami (UN-HABITAT/UNDP)

Author(s) UN-HABITAT/UNDP Keywords Participation, Natural disasters, Risk, Adaptation, Mitigation Abstract Rebuilding personal and collective confidences through a participatory process takes time, especially amidst the massive personal tragedy of lost loved ones, personal assets and livelihoods. This photo and film documentation is testimony of all that we have all learned during the past two years. As […]

The regulatory challenge of animal cloning for food – the risks of risk regulation in the European Union (M. Weimer)

Author Maria Weimer Keywords Food, European Union, Science, Cloning, EU law, Ethics, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Regulation, Risk;, Scientific uncertainty, United States Abstract Examines the debate in the EU on the appropriate regulatory response to the marketing of food produced from cloned animals, a practice on the verge of commercialisation in the global food market, […]