Liberal Democracy and the Rights of Nature: The Struggle for Inclusion (R. Eckersley)

Author(s) Robyn Eckersley Keywords econcentricism, democracy, rights of nature, liberal democracy, liberalism Abstract Is there a necessary, in‐principle connection between ecocentric values and democracy or is the relationship merely contingent? Is it possible to incorporate the interests of the non‐human community into the ground rules of democracy? Through an immanent ecological critique of the regulative […]

Towards an ecological philosophy of law: a comparative discussion (V. De Lucia)

Author Vito De Lucia Keywords Earth Jurisprudence, legal philosophy, Natural Law, rights of nature, subjective rights, ecocentrism, property, ecology Abstract Environmental law finds itself in a very delicate position. Its role is to elaborate rules and principles for addressing multiple ecological crises, yet environmental law is structurally and conceptually rooted in a broader legal tradition […]

Wild Law: The philosophy of Earth Jurispudence (P.D. Burdon)

Author Peter D. Burdon Keywords Wild Law, Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature, Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy Abstract Wild law or Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law and governance that seeks to evolve law in a fashion that recognises our relationship to the broader Earth community. In this article, the author introduces and articulates some […]