Human Rights Approach to Environmental Protection (P. Pathak)

Author Puneet Pathak Keywords Development, Environment, Human Rights, Sustainable Development Abstract Environmental protection and human rights are interrelated, interconnected, and mutually responsive as both of them intended to the well-being of humanity. Safe and healthy environment is the pre-condition for the enjoyment of fundamental human rights. The linkage between these two approaches has recognised in […]

Road to 2015: The European Union and the Realisation of the Human Right to Water (V. Deloge)

Author Vivien Deloge Keywords Human right, drinking water, sanitation, UN, EU, rights-based approach, EU institutional endorsement Abstract Following the recognition of the human right to drinking water and sanitation by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and Human Rights Council in 2010, one can wonder to what extent the normative content of the right to […]

Sustainable development (1987-2005): an oxymoron comes of age (M. Redclift)

Author Michael Redclift Keywords Sustainable development; environmental justice; social capital; property rights; rights based approach; materiality. Abstract The paper examines the conceptual history of sustainable development, from the Brundtland Commission’s definition in 1987 to the present day. It argues that the superficial consensus that has characterized much of the early debate has given way to […]