Human Rights, Climate Change and The Trillionth Ton (H. Shue)

Author Henry Shue Keywords Right to Life, Right to Health, Right to Subsistence, Framework Convention of Climate Change Excerpt The desultory, almost leisurely approach of most of the world’s national states to climate change reflects no detectable sense of urgency. My question is what, if anything, is wrong with this persistent lack of urgency. My […]

The Inter-American System of Human Rights (I.K. Scott)

Author Inara K. Scott Keywords Human Rights, Environmental Rights, Right to Life, Constitutional Law, International Law, Inter-American Court on Human Rights Abstract This article provides an overview of the jurisdiction and procedural framework of the Inter-American human rights system, and applies this jurisdictional framework to environmental disputes. The article examines the possibility of characterizing environmental […]

International Legal Protection for Victims of Environmental Abuse (M.L. Schwartz)

Author(s) Michelle Leighton Schwartz Keywords Human Rights, Right to life, Rights of indigenous peoples, procedural human rights, human right to a healthy environment, environmental refugees, desertification, flooding, international finance institutions, International Court of Justice, International Labour Organisation Excerpt Environmental disasters are increasing. They often result from human activities, such as the disposal of toxic chemicals, […]

Climate Change, Human Rights and Moral Thresholds (S. Caney)

Author(s) Simon Caney Keywords frameworks, impacts of climate change, human rights-centered analysis, cost-benefit, security-based analyses, right to life, right to health, right to subsistence, ethics, anthropogenic climate change, violation of rights, policy, mitigation, adaptation, compensation, international relations, vulnerability Abstract EXTRACT: “I argue that: 1. Climate change jeopardizes some key human rights. 2. A “human-rights”-centered analysis […]

The Contribution of International Rights Law to Environmental Protection, with Special Reference to Global Change (A. A. Cançado Trindade)

Author(s) A.A. Cançado Trindade Keywords human rights, environmental protection, globalization, internationalization, temporal dimension, right to life, Ratio Legis, right to health, healthy environment, vulnerability, implementation, international refugee law Abstract I. The Growth of Human Rights Protection and Environmental Protection: From Internationalization to Globalization. II. The Incidence of the Temporal Dimension in Environmental Protection and in […]