Enforcing EUCHR Principles and Fundamental Rights in Environmental Cases (N.M. De Sadeleer)

Author Nicolas Michel De Sadeleer Keywords right to a clean environment, right to health, European Union Charter of Human Rights (EUCHR), EU environmental law, private enforcement of environmental law, access to justice, European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), right to private and family life and the home Abstract So far, EU treaty law does not […]

The Right to a Clean Environment (N. Gibson)

Author(s) Noralee Gibson Keywords environmental protection, right to a clean environment, third generation of human rights Abstract Concern over the state of the environment has intensified in the last decade. Individuals, groups and governments involved at the regional, national and international level have been gathering information about the environment and are hoping to establish an […]

Environment rights versus environmental wrongs: forum over substance? (M. Soveroski)

Author Marie Soveroski Keywords Right to a clean/healthy environment; Stockholm Declaration; Rio Declaration; sustainable development; indigenous rights; procedural rights (Aarhus Pillars). Abstract Beginning with the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, there have been a number of international proclamations of a human right to a clean environment, both implicit and explicit. The highpoint of this movement towards an […]