Global environmental change and migration: Governance challenges (K. Warner)

Author Koko Warner Keywords Environmentally induced migration, Governance, Complexity, Climate adaptation, Resilience Abstract Claims have been made that global environmental change could drive anywhere from 50 to almost 700 million people to migrate by 2050. These claims belie the complexity of the multi-causal relationship between coupled social–ecological systems and human mobility, yet they have fueled […]

Vulnerability and globalisation: mediating impacts on society (P. Kirby)

Author Peadar Kirby Keywords Vulnerability, globalisation, resilience, human rights, environment Abstract This article introduces the concept of vulnerability and discusses its utility for the identification of the impacts upon society, particularly upon human rights and the environment, of the multiple processes that we label ‘globalisation’. The author argues that vulnerability, an essentially two-sided concept, is […]

Transboundary River Governance in the Face of Uncertainty: Resilience Theory … (B. Cosens)

Author Barbara Cosens Keywords Social-ecological systems, democracy, Columbia River , management, multi-jurisdictional watersheds Abstract Fostering resilience in social-ecological systems is a choice that we, as a democratic society, can make if we desire to continue to receive the massive benefits of the ecosystems we rely on. It is not the path we are currently on […]

Beyond Environmental Law: Policy Proposals… (A.C. Flournoy & D.M. Driesen)

Editor(s) Alyson C. Flournoy ( University of Florida , USA ) David M. Driesen ( Syracuse University , USA ) Keywords National Environmental Legacy, procedural reform; ecologies of restoration, resilience, and reconciliation, citizen science, next generation, environmental law, the constitution, climate change, federalism, technological change, environmental patriotism Abstract This book offers a vision for the […]

Practical Environmentalism (K.P. Sherman, J. Van Lanen and R.T. Sherman)

Author(s) Kathleen Pickering Sherman (Colorado State University) James Van Lanen (Alaska Department of Fish and Game, USA) Richard T. Sherman (Oglala Lakota Tribe, USA) Keywords Resilience, indigenous knowledge, community-based natural resource management, political ecology, native Americans, stewardship Abstract Parallels exist between the academic theory of a dwelling approach to resilience and the Indigenous Stewardship Model […]