Climate Change and Justice: Perspectives of Legal Theory (F. Ekardt)

Author(s) Felix Ekardt Keywords Adaptation to Climate Change, Agriculture and Climate, Climate Change, Climate Change Convention, Climate Change and Law, Climate Law, Housing and Climate, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development Abstract Climate Change and the Law is the first scholarly effort to systematically address doctrinal issues related to climate law as an emergent legal discipline. It […]

Renewable Energy Sources: a Chance to Combat Climate Change (C. Fräss-Ehrfeld)

Author Clarisse Fräss-Ehrfeld Keywords Deloitte Services, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, International Conventions Concerning the Climate Change Issue, Effects, Impacts, International Community, Adaptation, Mitigation, European Energy Policy, EU, EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan, Communication of the Commission in View of Copenhagen 2009, Existing Energy Sources, Costs, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Targets, Progress to Date, […]

Beyond the Carbon Economy: Energy Law in Transition (D. Zillman, et al)

Editor(s) Don Zillman, Catherine Redgwell, Yinka Omorogbe, and Lila K. Barrera-Hernández Keywords Health, Environment, Sustainable Development, TAANSAAFL Problem, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Lower-Carbon Future, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Storage, Biofuels, Public International Law, South America, Clean Energy, Africa, Heavy Duty Transition Fuels, EU Law and Policy, Wind, Nuclear Power, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, […]

The European Commission 2008 Directive Proposal on Biofuels (F. Pelsy)

Author Florent Pelsy Keywords Biofuels, certification, climate change, environmental criteria, European Community, food insecurity, precautionary principle, renewable energy, sustainable development, WTO Abstract This article focuses on the 2008 Directive Proposal of the European Commission on biofuels. The development of biofuels as a renewable energy source has been perceived as a priority by the European Union. […]