Human Rights, Environmental Rights, and Religion (J. Kellenberger)

Author(s) James Kellenberger Keywords human rights, environmental rights, religion Abstract This volume outlines the approaches to human rights and responsibilities within the different world religions. Featuring contributions from over 15 scholars, the book covers such key issues as women’s rights, the role of international law, and responsibility for the environment. Citation Human Rights and Responsibilities […]

Biomedical ethics: Muslim perspectives on genetic modification (F. Agha Al-Hayan)

Author Fatima Agha Al-Hayan Keywords Insan (person human); insaniyyah (humanism, humanity humaneness); genetic modification (GM); genetically modified foods (GMF); genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Abstract Technology pertaining to genetically modified foods has created an abundance of food and various methods to protect new products and enhance productivity. However, many scientists, economists, and humanitarians have been critical […]

The ECO Principle: Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis (A.L. Dahl)

Author Arthur Lyon Dahl Keywords Paradigms in conflict, the theory of Ecos, Ecos in nature, organic economics, human capital, organic communities and institutions, Eco-civilisation. Abstract At a time when most societies have lost any sense of direction, here is a book that explains why present economic and political systems are not working. Arthur Dahl offers […]