Law or World Re-form: The Problem of Environmental Rights (C. Giagnocavo and H. Goldstein)

Author(s) Cynthia Giagnocavo and Howard Goldstein Keywords reform, paradigm shift, environmental law, Canada, legislation, judicial decisions Abstract Developments in the area of environmental law are proceeding at a rapid pace in Canada. More and more legislation is appearing, judicial decisions are being made and lawyers are actively involved, all to the point where environmental law, […]

Comment, When Islands Drown: The Plight of “Climate Change Refugees” and Recourse to International Human Rights Law (T. T. V. Duong)

Author(s) Tiffany T.V. Duong Keywords climate change refugee, international human rights law, Tuvalu, vulnerability, reform, regime changes Abstract This comment explores the use of the existing refugee regime to accommodate Tuvaluans and similarly placed “climate change refugees” and then suggests international human rights law as an effective catalyst to urge expansion of the refugee regime. […]

Creative regulation: how wild law can rehabilitate governance and regulation (E. Rivers)

Author Elizabeth Rivers Keywords Regulation; governance; wild law; ‘Great Jurisprudence’; sustainability; social justice. Abstract This article highlights that it is important to consider the law’s potential contribution to achieving sustainability rather than focusing on the traditional method of campaigning solely for changes in economic activities and human behaviour and attitudes. Rivers suggests ‘rethinking our jurisprudence’ […]