Water Privatization Trends in the United States: Human Rights, National Security, and Public Stewardship (C.A. Arnold)

Author Craig Anthony Arnold Keywords Water, privatization, property, commodification, watersheds, human rights, national security, public rights, stewardship, fiduciary, public utilities, sustainability, environment, ecology, equity, public trust, state ownership, usufructuary, conservation Abstract This article examines 3 aspects of water privatization in the United States: 1) the privatization of public water services and systems; 2) the dominance […]

Human Rights in Natural Resource Development (D.M. Zillman, et al)

Editor(s) Donald M. Zillman (University of Maine , USA) Alastair Lucas (University of Calgary, Canada ) George (Rock) Pring (University of Denver, USA) Keywords Public participation, human right, rights of indigenous peoples, resource development, endangered species, biological diversity, Aarhus Convention, natural resources, energy, public rights, private development, mining, petroleum, sustainable development, European Community, US, Canada, […]