A Right to Environment in International Law: Current Status and Future Outlook (P. Pevato)

Author(s) Paula M.Pevato Keywords Right to Environment, International Law, Public Policy, Human Rights, Policy Science Excerpt In adhering to the spirit of this special issue of RECIEL that aims to ‘look back and look ahead’, this article is both reflective and somewhat prescient, given that it will touch upon recent history, present status and future […]

Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and the Law of the Commons (B. Weston and D. Bollier)

Author Burns H. Weston and David Bollier Keywords sustainability, ecosystems, environmental protection, economics, national sovereignty, international law, green governance, paradigm shift, human rights, public policy Abstract The vast majority of the world’s scientists agree: we have reached a point in history where we are in grave danger of destroying Earth’s life-sustaining capacity. But our attempts […]

Public policy and corporate environmental behaviour: a broader view (R. Sarkar)

Author Runa Sarkar Keywords Corporate environmental behaviour, public policy, environmental strategy, regulatory response, corporate sustainability, environmental performance Abstract Corporate strategies to manage the business-ecological environment interface have evolved against the backdrop of regulatory pressures and stakeholder activism. Despite its relevance with respect to sustainable development, a well developed theory encompassing all aspects of corporate environmental […]

Fundamentalism in Public Health and Safety in Bilateral Investment Treaties (K. Yelpaala)

Author Kojo Yelpaala Keywords Bilateral investment treaties, constitutional rights, fundamental rights, public health and safety, humanrights, environment, prisoner’s dilemma, bilateral unilateralism, jus cogens, arbitrability, indirect expropriation, state responsibility Abstract The goal of this work is to explore, examine and analyze how much of an impact BITs can lawfully have on the choices available to governments […]

Teaching and learning guide for: environmental justice (J. Sze, J. London)

Author Julie Sze and Jonathan London Keywords Environmental justice; environmental racism; urban; planning; public health; law; ethnic studies; public policy; social movements; environmental and social inequalities. Abstract Over the last 25 years, the environmental justice movement has emerged from its earliest focus on US social movements combating environmental racism to an influential global phenomenon. Environmental […]