Urgenda and Dutch Dikastophobia: Is this the End of Public Interest Litigation for The Environment, and the end of Article 3:305a Dutch Civil Code?

Contributer: Otto Spijkers Introduction In recent years, the domestic courts of the Netherlands have produced a series of judgments, all relating to general issues of global concern, which have been praised by international lawyers from all over the world. In the Mothers of Srebrenica case, the Netherlands was held responsible for the failure of a […]

Linking Human Rights, Development and Environment: Experiences from Litigation in South Asia (J. Razzaque)

Author Jona Razzaque Keywords Public interest litigation, environment, human rights, south asia Abstract Despite having several procedural routes to bring actions in the court, public interest litigation seems to be the often-used tool used by the community groups in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to protect the environment. In recent years, the decisions of the courts […]