Procedural Rights as a Crucial Tool to Combat Climate Change (S. Kravchenko)

Author(s) Svitlana Kravchenko Keywords human rights, procedural rights, combating climate change, freedom of expression, right to access information, right to participate in decision-making, access to justice, transparency, indigenous people, jurisprudence, human rights treaties, multilateral environmental agreements, civil society participation Abstract This Article will discuss how a subset of human rights – procedural rights – can […]

The Right to a Healthy Environment, Human Rights and Sustainable Development (S. Giorgetta)

Author(s) Sueli Giorgetta Keywords sustainable development, environmental preservation, rights of present and future generations, human rights, right to a healthy environment, international law, procedural rights, public participation, human rights law, international law Abstract The concept of sustainable development is presented as a solution able to cope with development needs and the preservation of the environment, […]

Definition of an Environmental Right in a Human Rights Context (P. Cullet)

Author(s) Philippe Cullet Keywords Right to environment, environmental protection, human rights, implementation mechanisms, procedural rights Abstract This article examines the theoretical background of a right to environment, its contents and the different ways to achieve implementation of the norm. Environmental protection is first ascertained as a universal concern which warrants consideration within a human rights […]

Are we there yet? The Right to Environment in International and European Law (L. M. Collins)

Author(s) Lynda Margaret Collins University of Ottawa – Common Law Section Keywords human rights law, environmental rights, environmental law, international policy, Europe, violations of rights, procedural rights, right to environment Abstract Recent decades have witnessed a progressive integration of international human rights law and international environmental law. Environmental human rights have been widely recognized in […]

Human Rights and the Environment: Where Next? (A. Boyle)

Author(s) Alan Boyle Keywords environmental protection, international law, UNHRC, human rights law, procedural rights, mechanisms, extra-territorial application, transboundary pollution, global climate change Abstract The relationship between human rights and environmental protection in international law is far from simple or straightforward. A new attempt to codify and develop international law on this subject was initiated by the UNHRC […]