Changing Conceptions of Property and Sovereignty in Natural Resources: Questioning the Public Trust Doctrine (R.J. Lazarus)

Author Richard J. Lazarus Keywords Public trust doctrine, private property rights, natural resources, public interest Abstract Most simply put, the historical function of the public trust doctrine has been to provide a public property basis for resisting the exercise of private property rights in natural resources deemed contrary to the public interest. In recent decades, […]

Contesting Privatization: NGOs and Farmers’ Rights in the African Model Law (N. Zerbe)

Author Noah Zerbe Keywords Farmer’s rights, FAO, African Union, private property rights, plant breeders, ownership, biodiversity, biotechnology, African Model Law, indigenous control, TRIPs Abstract The development of the concept of farmers’ rights in the Food and Agriculture Organization, and its adoption by the African Union as a counterbalance to the private property rights of plant […]