Environmental Principles and Environmental Justice (Pedersen)

Author Ole W Pedersen Keywords Environmental justice, precautionary principle, polluter pays principle and sustainable development Abstract This paper aims at analysing the congruence between the well-established environmental law principles of precaution, prevention, polluter pays and sustainable development and environmental justice. While much can be said (and much has been said) about the principles, the aim […]

Our Simmering Planet: What to do about Global Warming? (J. Gupta)

Author Joyeeta Gupta Keywords Climate change, environmental disasters, weather, global warming, precautionary principle Abstract Heat waves in Delhi and Athens. Hurricane Mitch in Central America and tornadoes in the USA. Floods in Britain and China. All unprecedented in severity. Unprecedented in frequency. What is happening to the world‘s weather? What are the world‘s governments doing […]

Can the human rights bodies be used to produce interim measures to protect environment… (S. Leroy)

Author Severine Fiorletta Leroy Keywords Human rights and the environment; environmental justice; interim measures; precautionary principle; International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: International Cout of Justice Abstract International environmental law does not protect individuals as such. On the other hand, human rights do not formally encompass the right to a healthy environment. This […]

Security of the person, peace of mind: a precautionary approach to environmental uncertainty (L. Collins)

Author Lynda M Collins Keywords Rio, precautionary principle, environmental risk, security of the person, Aamjiwnaang, psychological integrity, human rights Abstract This article assesses the evolution of precautionary environmental human rights in the twenty years since Rio, with a focus on security of the person. In particular, the author argues that where there is evidence of […]

GMO, regulation & free trade: a saga for our times (M. Stallworthy)

Author Mark Stallworthy Keywords Food; Environment; International trade; Science;EC law; Food safety; Genetically modified organisms; Precautionary principle; Risk management; United States Abstract Examines genetically modified food policies in the UK and EU focusing on the management of risk and the precautionary principle. Considers the likelihood of trade pressures from biotechnology companies and from the US […]