Population and environment in the twenty-first century (M. Potts)

Author Malcolm Potts ( University of California ) Keywords Population growth, Conservation, Contraception, Cairo conference, Sustainable economy Abstract In the past 50 years global population grew by 3.7 billion. There is a large unmet need for family planning and wherever women have been given the means and the information to decide if or when to […]

Population and pavement: population growth and land development (D.E. Orenstein & S.P. Hamburg)

Author(s) Daniel E. Orenstein (Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) Steven P. Hamburg (Brown University, USA) Keywords Land use/land cover change, Urbanization, Open space preservation, Population growth, Land use policy, Israel Abstract This research examines land use change in Israel––an intriguing but understudied setting with regard to population–environment dynamics. While Israel is fairly unique with regard […]

Green Cities Urban Growth and the Environment (M.E. Kahn)

Author Matthew E. Kahn Keywords Urban Environmental Quality, Kuznets Curve, Income Growth, Urban Environment, Market, Income Growth, Greener Governance, Population Growth, Spatial Growth, Cost, United States, Urban and Global Sustainability Abstract Rapid urban growth and suburban sprawl have heightened concern in many quarters about sustainable development. Are economic growth and environmental health always mutually exclusive […]

Greater Flexibility Planned on GMOs (Anon)

Keywords Crops; EU law; Genetically modified organisms; Member States; Agriculture, European Union Abstract Explores the proposals made by the European Health Commissioner to increase the freedom of Member States to decide on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), focusing on the approvals mechanism for GM maize crops, the powers under Directive 2001/18 to impose […]

“Technically Open”: The Debate Over Native American Reserved Groundwater Rights (L. Gregory)

Author Liana Gregory Keywords Water, arid Western states, increasing population, strained sources, communities, drought, Native American tribes, land, economic value, water rights Abstract The challenge of providing water to all people in the arid Western states becomes increasingly more difficult as the population in these states continues to grow exponentially. Meanwhile, drought constantly threatens the […]