Environmental Human Rights: Power, Ethics and Law (J. Hancock)

Author Jan Hancock Keywords Environment, human rights, political, ethical, legal, environmental values, capitalism Abstract This text redefines the political, ethical and legal relationships between the environment and human rights. Through a focus on the operational dynamics of social power, it details how global capitalism subjugates concerns of human security and environmental protection to the values […]

The Age of Oil…Mythology, History & Future of the World’s Most Controversial Resource (L. Maugeri)

Author Leonardo Maugeri Keywords Resource; Oil; Oil production; Energy crisis Abstract Explores the obsessions and misperceptions surrounding the resource that has shaped our lives, demonstrating that oil will be with us for a long time to come. Oil is the most vital resource of our time. Because it is so important, misperceptions about the black […]

Stifling environmental dissent: On SLAPPS and GUNNS (R. White)

Author Rob White Keywords Environmental issues, public participation, social activists, civil litigation Abstract This article discusses the use of civil litigation by companies against social activists as a means to stifle full public participation around environmental issues. Drawing on a recent Australian example, it demonstrates how the targeting of such legal action simultaneously defines the […]

Rebalancing the system: an agenda for change (N. Baker MP)

Author Norman Baker M.P. Keywords Wild law; capitalism; economics; pollution; climate change; sustainable development; civil rights; human rights. Abstract At the time of writing Norman Baker was the Chair of All-Party Environmental Group. This article both welcomes an introduces the Cullinan legal theory of Wild Law. He recognises the devastation that humans are causing to […]

The determinants of vulnerability and adaptive capacity at the national level (N. Brooks, W. Neil Adver and P. Mick Kelly)

Author(s) Nick Brooks, W. Neil Adger and P. Mick Kelly Keywords Vulnerability; adaptive capacity; climate change and adaptation; climate related mortality; governance; civil and political rights. Abstract We present a set of indicators of vulnerability and capacity to adapt to climate variability, and by extension climate change, derived using a novel empirical analysis of data […]