Healthy crops or healthy people? Balancing the needs for pest control…(L. Warren)

Author Lynda M Warren Keywords EC law; environmental health; failure to fulfil obligations; pesticides; right to respect for private and family life (Article 8 ECHR); risk assessment. Abstract Georgina Downs, a pesticide campaigner with personal experience of exposure to pesticides in crop sprays, sought review of the Government’s approach to the assessment of harm to […]

Risk management of nanomaterials: environmental and consumer protection under existing EC legislation . . . (S. Heselhaus)

Author Sebastian Heselhaus Keywords Environment; Agriculture; Consumer law; European Union; Consumer protection; EU law; Environmental protection; Hazardous substances; Nanotechnology; Pesticides; Risk assessment Abstract Contrasts the substance-based approach to risk assessment under Regulation 1907/2006 with the products-based approach of the pesticide and biocide regimes, to evaluate the EU law on nanomaterials. Citation (2010) 12(2) Environmental Law […]

…Balancing the needs for pest control against the effects of pesticides on bystanders (L.M. Warren)

Author Lynda M. Warren Keywords EC law; Environmental health; Failure to fulfil obligations; Pesticides; Right to respect for private and family life; Risk assessment Abstract Discusses the Court of Appeal judgment in Downs v Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, in which a pesticide campaigner sought review of the Government’s assessment of […]