Indigenous Rights and the Environment: Evolving International Law (C. Metcalf)

Author Cherie Metcalf Keywords indigenous rights, international law, international environmental law, environmental rights, cultural integrity model, self-determination, recognition, autonomy, state sovereignty, participation, sustainability, sustainable environmental management Abstract This paper explores the relationship between indigenous peoples’ rights in international law and international environmental law. Two models underlie the protection of indigenous environmental rights. A “cultural integrity” […]

The Human Right to a Clean, Balanced and Protected Environment (J. Symonides)

Author Janusz Symonides Keywords Human Right to a Healthy Environment, International Law, Domestic Law, Education, Participation, Recourse and Sanctions, International Protection Excerpt Since the December 1968 General Assembly’s resolution in which for the first time the United Nations admitted the linkage between environmental protection and human rights and expressed concern that environmental changes could have […]

Payment for ‘ecosystem services’ and the ‘green economy’: green-washing or something new? (K. Wilkinson)

Author Kate Wilkinson Keywords ecofeminism, green economy, payment for ecosystem services, ecosystems, environment, capitalism, free market, economics, REDDES, REDD+, UNFCCC, ITTO, forests, natural resources, gender, participation Abstract Using an ecofeminist critical analysis, this paper examines the extent to which two forest-related ‘payments for ecosystem services’ (PES) schemes maintain a mainstream anti-nature and exploitative conceptualization of […]

Citizen Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Guyana : Reality or Fallacy? (M.L. Bynoe)

Author Mark Lancelot Bynoe Keywords Assessment, citizen, development, environmental, Guyana, impact, law, participation, permit, plan Abstract Since June 1996, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) have become mandatory in Guyana for all projects anticipated to have significant impacts on the environment. Furthermore, the law, i.e. the Environmental Protection Act, that brought this stipulation into being also identifies […]

Anchoring Homes, UN-HABITAT’s People’s Process in Aceh & Nias after the Tsunami (UN-HABITAT/UNDP)

Author(s) UN-HABITAT/UNDP Keywords Participation, Natural disasters, Risk, Adaptation, Mitigation Abstract Rebuilding personal and collective confidences through a participatory process takes time, especially amidst the massive personal tragedy of lost loved ones, personal assets and livelihoods. This photo and film documentation is testimony of all that we have all learned during the past two years. As […]