Critical Reflections on Ownership (M. Warnock)

Author(s) Mary Warnock Keywords ownership, gardens, Locke, Hume, philosophy, private ownership, common ownership, property, responsibility, global environmental degradation, Romantic Movement, nature Abstract In this thought provoking work, Mary Warnock explores what it is to own things, and the differences in our attitude to what we own and what we do not. Starting from the philosophical […]

Using Eminent Domain Powers to Acquire Private Lands for Protected Area Wildlife…(N. Sifuna)

Author Nixon Sifuna Keywords Compensation, compulsory acquisition, eminent domain, opportunity cost, parks, private lands, protected areas, tourism, wildlife Abstract Under Kenyan law, the provisioning for eminent domain is in the Constitution, as well as in legislation. Exercising these powers, the State may compulsorily acquire private lands, provided the acquisition is for a public good and […]

Contesting Privatization: NGOs and Farmers’ Rights in the African Model Law (N. Zerbe)

Author Noah Zerbe Keywords Farmer’s rights, FAO, African Union, private property rights, plant breeders, ownership, biodiversity, biotechnology, African Model Law, indigenous control, TRIPs Abstract The development of the concept of farmers’ rights in the Food and Agriculture Organization, and its adoption by the African Union as a counterbalance to the private property rights of plant […]