Personal injury in private nuisance: the historical truth about… (R. C. Palmer)

Author Robert C Palmer Keywords Personal injury in private nuisance, critique of Professor Newark’s ‘The boundaries of private nuisance’, the restriction of an historical right to protect ‘bodily security’ using private property rights, historical background to private nuisance, the actionability of amenity actions in early modern private nuisance. Abstract In the four-hundredth anniversary year of […]

Locus standi in environmental nuisance actions: a perspective from the commonwealth (K. Ebeku)

Author Kaniye SA Ebeku Keywords Standing (locus standi); nuisance law; noise pollution; ‘substantial occupation’; environmental nuisance; right to the environment; human rights based protection. Abstract This article discusses the ongoing debate regarding who should have the right to sue in private nuisance using experiences of law students as a contextual background in the courts of […]