Communicating Nature: How We Create and Understand Environmental Messages (J. Corbett)

Author Julia Corbett Keywords Environmental Beliefs, Environmental Ideologies, Environmental Attitude and Behavior, Work and Consumer Culture, Nature as Commodity and Entertainment, Advertising and the Natural World, Communicating the Meaning of Animals, News Media, Communication and Social Change Abstract A broader and more comprehensive understanding of how we communicate with each other about the natural world […]

Saving the Polar Bear: Saving the World: … Capabilities Approach and … Ecosystems (E. Cripps)

Author Elizabeth Cripps Keywords Capabilities, Nussbaum, Schlosberg, Justice, Nonhuman animals, Ecosystems Abstract Martha Nussbaum has expanded the capabilities approach to defend positive duties of justice to individuals who fall below Rawls’ standard for fully cooperating members of society, including sentient nonhuman animals. Building on this, David Schlosberg has defended the extension of capabilities justice not […]