Note, The Nigerian Tragedy, Environmental Regulation of Transnational Corporations, and the Human Right to a Healthy Environment (J. P. Eaton)

Title Joshua P. Eaton Keywords Nigeria, transnational corporations, environmental regulation, human right to a healthy environment Abstract “I. Introduction The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented expansion in the number of corporations operating beyond their national borders. By 1990, nearly 37,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) existed in the world. This figure continues […]

Environmental discourse and resource-use conflict in northern Nigeria (S. Milligan & T. Binns)

Author(s) Simon Milligan (Styrbordsgatan, Stockholm) Tony Binns (University of Otago, New Zealand) Keywords Nigeria, conflict, crisis narrative, environment, policy, pastoralist, farmer Abstract This article explores the emergence and persistence of crisis narratives in the policy environment of twentieth century Nigeria. It finds that environmental crisis narratives have a well-established and traceable historical lineage, initially, as […]

The judiciary and political change in Africa: developing transitional jurisprudence… (H. O. Yusuf)

Author Hakeem O. Yusuf Keywords Nigeria; jurisprudence; judiciary; human rights; constitutional law; transitional law; cooperation; environmental protection. Abstract At a time of increased evaluations of law, human rights , and the rise of judicial power all over the globe, the work of most African judiciaries and the principles of the jurisprudence they espouse in promoting […]

Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment and Human Rights Approaches to Environ… (K. Ebeku)

Author Kaniye S. A. Ebeku Keywords Nigeria; right to healthy environment; human rights; constitutions. Abstract In recent years, there has been an increasing practice of incorporating the right to a healthy/clean environment into national constitutions. This practice can be found in various parts of the world. Importantly, the judiciary in many countries has not only […]