The Roots of Influence: Nongovernmental Organizations and the Relationship Between Human Rights and the Environment (C. Tracy)

Author Christopher Tracy Keywords NGOs, non-governmental organisations, human rights, environment, dignity, future generations, indigenous right, environmental protection, Rio, legitimacy, international relations Extract “Part I of this Article will address the history and development of NGOs. Particular attention will be given to the rationale espoused by various NGOs for their participation in certain global concerns or […]

The “Participatory Revolution” in International Environmental Law (K. Raustiala)

Author(s) Kal Raustiala Keywords International environmental law, NGOs Excerpt I. INTRODUCTIONA distinguishing characteristic of environmental problems — that they adhere to ecosystems and geographic features rather than political boundaries — often renders national and local actions ineffective and frequently necessitates international cooperation. While international environmental law dates back almost 100 years, the last quarter century […]

Enforcing Environmental Human Rights: Selected Strategies of US NGOs (J. Cassel)

Author(s) Jennifer Cassel Keywords environmental harm, human rights violations, international human rights law, NGO’s, US, United States, environmental human rights Abstract In spite of the clear link between environmental harm and human rights violations, international human rights law which contemplates environmental destruction as a violation of human rights has only recently begun to emerge, and […]

Translantic Movements of Justice: A Story of Inspiration and Diversity (O.W. Pedersen)

Author Ole Windahl Pederson Keywords UK , environmental justice, NGOs, grassroots, civil rights Abstract This paper aims to analyze environmental justice in the United Kingdom (UK) in light of the achievements of the highly successful environmental justice movement in the United States. The paper describes how the various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and grassroots groups pursuing […]