Critical Reflections on Ownership (M. Warnock)

Author(s) Mary Warnock Keywords ownership, gardens, Locke, Hume, philosophy, private ownership, common ownership, property, responsibility, global environmental degradation, Romantic Movement, nature Abstract In this thought provoking work, Mary Warnock explores what it is to own things, and the differences in our attitude to what we own and what we do not. Starting from the philosophical […]

Community stewardship: the foundation of biocultural rights (Bavikatte and Bennett)

Author(s) Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte and Tom Bennett Keywords Biocultural rights, stewardship, property, environment, law, nature, indigenous people, customary law, commodity, post-development, political ecology, commons, Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, traditional resource rights Abstract The term ‘biocultural rights’ denotes a community’s long established right, in accordance with its customary laws, to steward its lands, waters […]

Giving Nature Constitutional Protection: A Less Anthropocentric Interpretation of Environmental Rights (J. J. Bruckerhoff)

Author(s) Joshua J. Bruckerhoff Keywords nature, anthropocentricism, constitutional rights, environmental rights, environmental health, environmental protection, biodiversity, jurisprudence Abstract Is it possible to use constitutional rights to protect the intrinsic value of nature? This question should seem somewhat paradoxical. Constitutional rights are, by their very nature, anthropocentric-they confer a right to people and to people only.1 […]

Natural Enemy, Natural Ally: Toward and Environmental History of War (R.P. Tucker)

Author Richard P. Tucker Keywords War, environment, nature, environmental damage, military strategies, timber, disease, American Civil War Abstract How has war changed and damaged the environment? How has nature influenced war? As the first collection of essays on war and environmental history, Natural Enemy, Natural Ally heralds the advent of a major new field of […]

Human rights and nature: intercultural perspectives and international aspirations (C. Gianolla)

Author Cristiano Gianolla Keywords human rights, Earth, Nature, environment, indigenous people, intercultural dialogue, environmental justice, common inheritance of Humanity, living commons Abstract What is the impact of human rights on the protection of Nature? Considering the rapid development of international human rights law during the last century and the parallel degradation of the environment leading […]