Anchoring Homes, UN-HABITAT’s People’s Process in Aceh & Nias after the Tsunami (UN-HABITAT/UNDP)

Author(s) UN-HABITAT/UNDP Keywords Participation, Natural disasters, Risk, Adaptation, Mitigation Abstract Rebuilding personal and collective confidences through a participatory process takes time, especially amidst the massive personal tragedy of lost loved ones, personal assets and livelihoods. This photo and film documentation is testimony of all that we have all learned during the past two years. As […]

Catastrophe in the Making…Engineering of Katrina & the Disasters of Tomorrow (W. Freudenburg, et al)

Author(s) William Freudenburg, Shirley Laska, Robert Gramling, Kai Erikson Keywords Hurricane Katrina, natural disasters, affected communities Abstract When houses are flattened, towns submerged, and people stranded without electricity or even food, we attribute the suffering to “natural disasters” or “acts of God.” But what if hey’re neither? What if we, as a society, are bringing […]

Climate Change in Africa (C. Toulmin)

Author Camilla Toulmin Keywords Global warming, Africa, poorest people, poverty, natural disasters, conflict over oil, biofuel Abstract Global warming above the level of two degrees Celsius would be enormously damaging for poorer parts of the world, leading to crises with crops, livestock, water supplies and coastal areas. Within Africa, it’s likely to be the continent’s […]