Procedural Rights as a Crucial Tool to Combat Climate Change (S. Kravchenko)

Author(s) Svitlana Kravchenko Keywords human rights, procedural rights, combating climate change, freedom of expression, right to access information, right to participate in decision-making, access to justice, transparency, indigenous people, jurisprudence, human rights treaties, multilateral environmental agreements, civil society participation Abstract This Article will discuss how a subset of human rights – procedural rights – can […]

Multilevel Governance of Global Environmental Change (G. Winter)

Editor Gerd Winter (Universität Bremen) Keywords Earth System Analysis, global climate change, global environmental change, global environmental governance, green civil society, self-regulation, industry, law, private authority, global governance, transnational corporations, international environmental law, transboundary corporate responsibility, USA, transnational bureaucracy networks, EU, post-Communist states, multilateral environmental agreements, compliance continuum, regulatory competition, developing countries, policy instrument innovation, […]