Climate Change Adaptation and the Structural Transformation of Environmental Law (J. B. Ruhl)

Author(s) J. B. Ruhl Keywords climate change, environmental law, greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation, mitigation, policy, pollution, land law, decision methods, regulation, conciliation Abstract The path of environmental law has come to a cliff called climate change, and there is no turning around. As climate change policy dialogue emerged in the 1990s, however, the perceived urgency […]

The Janus-Head of Human Rights and Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation (O. W. Pedersen)

Author(s) Ole W. Pedersen Keywords Climate Change, Human Rights, Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, Clean Development Mechanism, Kyoto Protocol, Risk Assessment, Adaptation, Mitigation Abstract This article examines the role human rights instruments play when states seek to adopt regulatory initiatives in the name of addressing climate change. The article argues that a series […]

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Climate Change (M. Orellana)

Author(s) Marcos A. Orellana Keywords Human rights, Climate Change, Training, Education, International Human Rights Law, Policy, Development, Adaptation, Mitigation, Capacity Building Excerpt Introduction This paper explores human rights standards and mechanisms relevant to addressing climate change, with a focus on human rights training and education. It also discusses how climate change policies and measures can […]

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Tackling Climate Change: The Contribution of International Biodiversity Law (E. Morgera)

Author(s) Elisa Morgera Keywords human rights, biodiversity law, climate change, livelihood, ecosystems, mitigation, adaptation, international law, international biodiversity regime, international climate change regime, implementation Abstract This chapter provides a systematic analysis of the ways in which international biodiversity law contributes to the fight against climate change by assessing and preventing the negative impacts on biodiversity […]

Human Rights Implications for Climate Change Negotiations (D. B. Hunter)

Author(s) David B. Hunter Keywords human rights implications of climate change, climate change negotiations, United States, mitigation, adaptation, human rights approach Abstract EXTRACT “According to John Holdren, the Science Advisor to President Obama, humanity can only respond to climate change in three ways. We can mitigate climate change, for example by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; […]