Climate-Induced Community Relocations: Creating an Adaptive Governance Framework Based in Human Rights Doctrine (R. Bronen)

Author(s) Robin Bronen Keywords climigration, migration, climate change, displacement, climate refugees, southern hemisphere, global warming, ecology, humanitarian crisis, indigenous communities, Arctic, disaster relief Abstract The specter of millions of people fleeing their homes because of climate change has sparked an international debate about creating human rights protections for climate refugees. Though scholars and journalists have […]

Iraq: Water, Water Nowhere (M. Chulov)

Author Martin Chulov Keywords Drought, Iraq , dry river beds, salt flats, water, dams, river diversion, war, water management, migration Abstract The Guardian’s Baghdad correspondent, Martin Chulov, brings to life Iraq’s latest plague: drought. In southern Iraq, once the lavishly, fabled Garden of Eden, Chulov walks the dry river beds and salt flats that were […]

Environmental change and out-migration: evidence from Nepal (D.S. Massey, et al)

Author(s) Douglas S. Massey, William G. Axinn and Dirgha J. Ghimire Keywords Environment, Population, Migration, Land cover, Agricultural productivity Abstract Scholars and activists have hypothesized a connection between environmental change and out-migration. In this paper, we test this hypothesis using data from Nepal. We operationalize environmental change in terms of declining land cover, rising times […]

Climate Change Displacement to Refuge (E. Burleson)

Author Elizabeth Burleson Keywords Migration, climate change law, human rights, refugees Abstract Migration is one of the oldest coping strategies for dealing with environmental change. International climate negotiations have focused on such complex issues as mitigation, adaptation, environmentally sound technology transfer, and financial mechanisms. Calling for the humanitarian impacts of climatechange to be addressed, eighteen […]

Migration and Environmental Hazards (L.M. Hunter)

Author Lori M. Hunter (University of Colorado) Keywords Environmental hazards, internal migration, international migration, migration, natural hazards, technological hazards, residential mobility Abstract Losses due to natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes) and technological hazards (e.g., nuclear waste facilities, chemical spills) are both on the rise. One response to hazard-related losses is migration, with this paper offering […]