David Bollier, Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons – Book Review (A. Grear)

Author Anna Grear Keywords business as usual, collective commons, commoners, digital commons, dispossession, market, neoliberal ideology, norms, property rights, urban food production, values Abstract At a time when there is widespread disillusionment with ‘business as usual’, attention is turning, thanks in part to the high-profile publication of books such as Jeremy Rifkin’s, The Zero Marginal […]

The logic of ecosystems: capitalism, rights and the law of ‘ecosystem services’ (B.Pardy)

Author Bruce Pardy Keywords law, ecosystem service, capitalism, environmental right, market, ecosystem, negative right, property right, natural selection, evolution Abstract ‘Ecosystem services’ consist of natural processes on which humans depend, such as photosynthesis, waste decomposition, pollination, and water and air purification. Current proposals for the targeted protection of ecosystem services ignore the logic of ecosystems: […]

Green Cities Urban Growth and the Environment (M.E. Kahn)

Author Matthew E. Kahn Keywords Urban Environmental Quality, Kuznets Curve, Income Growth, Urban Environment, Market, Income Growth, Greener Governance, Population Growth, Spatial Growth, Cost, United States, Urban and Global Sustainability Abstract Rapid urban growth and suburban sprawl have heightened concern in many quarters about sustainable development. Are economic growth and environmental health always mutually exclusive […]

Environmental Governance (M.C. Lemos & A. Agrawal)

Author(s) Maria C. Lemos and Arun Agrawal Keywords Climate change, cogovernance, decentralization, ecosystem degradation, globalization, market Abstract This chapter reviews the literature relevant to environmental governance in four domains of scholarship: globalization, decentralization, market and individual incentives-based governance, and cross-scale governance. It argues that in view of the complexity and multiscalar character of many of […]